EcoVentures: Focus on the Gulf

The Gulf of Mexico Program for EcoVentures was underwritten by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Gulf Island National Seashore, a unit of the National Park Service.  This downloadable interactive CD contains all the programs and files you need to explore the Gulf of Mexico and its environs.  Video clips describe the research issue at each sub-site and challenge students to discover a possible solution to the problem.  Video, interactive art, and over 700 images illustrate Field Guides and EcoTours.  Consultants are available to help answer users questions.  A Video Encyclopedia is also available.

Mac Users: This CD will only work on a Mac running Classic.  It will NOT run on an Intel based mac.  Windows Users: EcoVentures works well on PCs running Windows XP.   To best view this project you need to be using Safari or IE.  In addition you will need Quicktime and Flash and Java installed. Click Quicktime or Flash or Java to download these applications if needed. Most computers will already have these installed.

Download EcoVentures by clicking HERE.  Please read the Read Me file and the Educator’s Guide before using the program.  This is a serious educational program that requires concentration and commitment.