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Florida State University doctoral student Melissa Martin could be one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a funded research scientist after winning a prestigious research fellowship that will take her to Paris.

As a Chateaubriand Fellow, Martin will study live cell imaging techniques that will allow her to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neuron migration during early brain development.

The Chateaubriand Fellowship is sponsored by the Embassy of France in the United States, which offers U.S. doctoral students in STEM disciplines the opportunity to participate in research in a French lab. The six-month fellowship includes travel expenses, health insurance and a $1,400-a-month stipend.

"I'm hoping that what I learn in Paris, which includes really great techniques, I'll be able to apply to the research we are doing here at the FSU College of Medicine," said Martin, a student in the College of Medicine's Department of Biomedical Sciences. "I'll be able to get a really good publication out of it that is both interesting and medically relevant."

And, with that, she'll be a better candidate for both research funding of her own and, eventually, an interesting postdoctoral position.